Organic Food

Superfoods are usually plant-based dense in nutrients products. There are few dairy and animal-based superfoods as well. Salmon, kale, blueberries etc are some the early food categorised under this label. Many of the dry nuts have high fibre and omega acid that makes them rich in vitamins and nutrients. A simple example is a banana. A single banana contains 3 gms of fibre, vitamin A, C and rarely found B6. Organic superfoods are considered best because they are produced I natural environment with no exposure to chemical insecticides or fertilizers.

At Ayurspace, we offer a variety of organic superfoods that are extremely dense in nutrients, vitamins, anti-oxidants anti-carcinogens and cell repairing minerals. Our products are sourced from fine producers of these products across India. You can choose from our array of variety of organic superfoods and make them part of your daily diet or as advised by your doctor.

In today’s busy lifestyle it is not an unheard routine of missing meals or snacking on junk food which can be full of calories but not in nutrients. Kids are often burdened with studies, extracurricular activities and much more physical exposure. Not necessary, they might be taking enough food intake to cope up. Especially, in Indian society, these superfoods have long been part of our culture. In older times, our mother used to give us water soaked almonds or milk boiled with dates & kesar.

With our current range of superfood powders, it is very easy to add them to your daily meals. These powders are easily soluble in milk and water for easy intake. Products like millet, ragi etc can be grounded at home and added to chapati or bread dough.

Though organic superfoods are packed with energy and benefits, it is always advisable to take in small quantity along with your regular meal plan. Eating too much can lead to weight gain or surplus of certain vitamins or minerals which is also not good. Sometimes these superfoods are just labelled as super food, not necessarily they are grown in the right environment or processed without the loss of nutrients. To avoid such cases, do buy organic superfoods only.

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