Ayurvedic Medicines for Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy is a natural condition and is stage post successful coitus that involves fertilization of egg and sperm. The female body has been intricately designed by nature to carry on the duty of bringing in this world, the offspring! The physical capacity is conditioned by the healthy mechanisms as also the vital hormones that work in tandem to vitalize the necessary functions and thus keep the fetus intact and healthy. However, the pregnancy phase is a really delicate one and involves lots of precautions and support mechanisms so as to ensure the good health of ‘to be’ mother and baby. The pregnancy-related researches have led to new insights and we now have dedicated support medications and supplements for pregnancy-related issues that are common.

The need to have pregnancy support –

Pregnancy support ensures a higher survival rate and healthy development of the fetus. This is of utmost significance. The pregnancy support medicines include the dietary supplements and other elements like -
1. Vitamins – vitamins are required in optimum quantities and in the current lifestyles, these are often not delivered in requisite quantities. Development of fetus could be impaired due to poor levels of vitamins.
2. Minerals – minerals also work to improve the bio-chemic processes in the body and thus maintain the overall health and buoyancy during pregnancy.
3. Antioxidants – antioxidants help clear the free radicals and keep the body’s mechanism free from undue strains. Antioxidants improve the capacity of the pregnant body to carry on the development of the fetus.
4. Anti-anxiety – limited anti-anxiety drugs may be prescribed to do away the condition of stress and tension that is often developed by pregnant ladies.
5. Laxatives and digestion aids – laxative and digestion aids help keep the alimentary canal healthy. This is very necessary so as to allow better assimilation of the higher intake of the foods.

The role and significance of Ayurveda in helping the pregnant ladies –

Ayurveda is the age-old and trusted science developed by sages of Indian subcontinent. Ayurveda is full of knowledge about the valuable herbs that offer to improve the health and capacity of the individual. Some specific herbs are also prescribed for the pregnancy so as to ensure better health and survival rate of the fetus and also allow the good health of the lady. Some vital herbs are also listed for improving the chances of pregnancy while some are meant to work as vitalizers post pregnancy. Post delivery also, Ayurvedic support could be sought for resurrections and rejuvenation of the mother at the earliest. The benefit of Ayurveda therapies is also that these are natural and generate no side effects and toxins in the body. This further ensures healthy mental development of the fetus.

Ayurvedic herbs and medicines for pregnancy support –

• Shatavari kalp
• Saffron
• Amla
• Dates
• Sprouts
• Dry fruits
• Milk and buttermilk

Besides these products, special Ayurvedic medicines can be had at the prescription of Ayurveda practitioner for treating any pregnancy-related issues.

Ayurspace products for pregnancy support –

1. Himalaya gasex
2. Baidyanath amla ras
3. Himalaya shatavari

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