Ayurvedic medicines for Stunted Growth

What actually is stunted growth? Stunted growth as the name suggests is nutritional stunning in a child which generally reduces the development of the child in terms of growth rate. The stoppage of growth rate development is indicated in the aspect of weight for height i.e. stunting of weight or less weight development with respect to height which may include thinness with stoppage in development or severe weight loss, weight for age i.e. stunting of weight or less weight development with respect to age which may include mass relatively to the age which is characterized by both height and weight as per the age and height for age i.e. stunting of height or less height development with respect to age which is stunted growth resulted by the failure of linear growth respectively.

What are the causes of stunted height?

 There are many causes resulting in the stunting of growth development in the human.

  • Primarily one of the main reasons being the malnutrition i.e. lack of nutrients in a human body which maintain the development in human. Apart from this aspect other causes might include infections, low weight right from the birth and may include psychological stress at some extreme level.
  • All these causes are somehow interrelated which meet up with the main root causes i.e. resulting in malnutrition which may occur due to inadequate and low nutritional accessibly to food thus making the body extract less energy required to bodybuilding and development.
  • Some of the other causes include sanitation, the consumption of fecal bacteria due to dirty surroundings which may even result in severe kinds of infection. This effects severely into demolishing appetite, reduce the capability of absorbing nutrients and other losses.


What are the symptoms of stunted growth?

Symptoms of growth failure in a child include the possibility of the following aspects:

  • The one who is suffering from such growth problem, may have low progress development in height, weight as per the age and irregularity might be observed like low height growth as per the age, low weight growth as per the height as well as the age (as per the proposed age, height and weight chart by the WHO or world health organization).
  • The human with stunned growth development might lack physical looks and skills like having a problem in sitting, standing or performing any sort of physical activity like playing games, abnormality in thinking ability as well.

How can Ayurveda help in stunted growth?


Ayurveda is very useful in the healing and development of stunted growth abnormalities in human development. Ayurveda is famous for its medicinal herbs and courses which help in the development of the body by healing the root cause permanently.

  • The Ayurveda is developed fully with proved treatment by natural herbs, ayurvedic rasayanas, yoga (physical exercises), proper diet plan and dietary natural supplements which enhance the stunted development in a human. Ayurveda controls the body by Veda, Pitta, and Kappha which maintain the balance in the development of the body. The herbs provide a natural healing power to prevent and heal the stunted development.


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