Ayurvedic Medicine for Vitiligo & White Patches

White patches on the skin surface usually start with benign-looking white patches but may be difficult to treat sometimes. These are supposed to be vitiligo patches, otherwise known as leukoderma. In the ayurvedic medicine for white patches, there are plenty of ingredients which have proven to be highly effective. It has been considered that the pitta dosha leads to this kind of skin problem, which can be treated by various ingredients of vitiligo ayurvedic treatment patanjali. Some experts considered the use of turmeric and mustard oil and bakuchi and coconut oil on the white patches to reduce these markings. In such a treatment profile, there is the need of correcting the pitta, which would be of help in the disappearance of these white patches. Use of ayurvedic oil for vitiligo has become quite well known in the present day context, as more and more people are opting for this kind of treatment.

  • Treatment ideas in vitiligo involves internal and external medications in form of tablets and creams

Stimulation of the pigment cells in these white patched areas is one of the important steps of ayurvedic medicine for white spots on the skin. People can use piper longum, psorlia cordifolia and cassia fistula in form of tablets. Herbs like vitix can help in the stimulation of the cells to grow faster and help in restoring the original melanin colour. Also, some of the agents can provide the right environment to protect the growth of melanin in the cells and help repigmentation in these white spots.

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