The Zandu Pharmaceuticals have been serving the entire world with their products and medicines based on Ayurveda. The company was originally founded by Mr Vaidhya Zandu Bhattji in the year of 1910. Later the company was renamed as Zandu Pharmaceticals and went public in 1919. Specialized in Herbal care and medicines, Zandu has produced all of their medicines from the elements weaves from the natural herbs. The company has achieved several milestones since they've planted their first step in this sector. Their motto is to serve every human of the community with their medicines and services.

 Ranging from child to senior persons, the Zandu Pharmaceuticals has produced many health care medicines. The company is head quartered in Mumbai and their Research and Innovation Centre is based in Kolkata. Their highly recognized and quantified doctors and researchers strive to provide the world with the best care possible and that's their motto they are centralized on.

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