Ayurvedic Medicine for thyroid

Ayurveda - An Answer to Thyroid

Our body is a huge ocean of various parts and each part has its functioning responsibilities. If any of the functioning goes off beat then it results in the form of ill-health. Even the smallest part needs to be healthy and active. Our neck seems to be a minor part but has various vital responsibilities for our body to be on the go and healthy.

The thyroid is a minor gland found in the front part of our neck. It is wrapped around the windpipe and is in the shape of a butterfly. This thyroid gland produces a hormone that helps to keep our body hale and hearty, but if this hormone is produced more or less than the required amount then it is stated to be hazardous for the body. Hence when the thyroid gland functions unbalanced it should be treated earliest as possible.

Ayurveda for Thyroid

Ayurveda is not just limited to treating a minor cold and cough or skin issues, it is way beyond that. Ayurveda is a great healer for thyroid hormone too. The natural ingredients and herbs help to adjust the thyroid hormone. Few herbs work wonders for the thyroid gland and they help to regulate the secretion of it accordingly as well. Let us have a look at such ingredients and herbs that help to control the secretion of thyroid hormone and stay at a bay from thyroid illness.

1. Ashwagandha

Also known as 'Withania Somnifera', Ashwagandha is one of the best herbs to lower our stress and anxiety. Humans suffering from thyroid issues should consume Ashwagandha. It helps to balance the stress and mood swings caused during this situation. Ayurveda suggests consuming Ashwagandha to lower the anxiety caused due to the seriousness of the issue thought by the individual. It can be easily consumed by adding it to milk or by consuming it with water. 

Anxiety and stress also take a toll on our physical health. A stressed-out person is always tired and out of energy. Hence consumption of Ashwagandha helps to boost immunity and make one feel energized and rejuvenated. It helps to avoid the sleepy mood experienced during such times.

2. Mulethi

Mulethi is beneficial to cure the thyroid gland too. It helps to lower the inflammation of the body. The herb also helps to lower depression, stress, and anxiety. It is a great mood-balancing ingredient and keeps one refreshed and healthy. Mulethi helps to cure the thyroid by helping to control its secretion. The herbal sticks are considered to be one of the best ingredients to deal with various feminine issues too. Mulethi is a great immunity booster too. It keeps the immunity shielded and protects the body from harm causing germs and micro-organisms.

3. Ginger

One of the best flavoring ingredients for our vegetable preparations and curries, Ginger helps to regulate the secretion of thyroid hormone too. It helps to maintain the inflammation level of the body and control the mood swings which need to be balanced under such circumstances. The mother ingredient, Zingiber root is also a helpful ingredient to control the secretion of thyroid hormone. The best quality of the ingredient is it can be easily incorporated in any type of edible preparation. One can also give a healthy start to their day by adding ginger to their cup of morning tea or green tea.