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Aimil Amyron -10s

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very good

I have bought this for my mother and it is proving very effective for her.

Extremely Effective

Shifted to bangalore and started facing issues with Breathing and Bronchitis, apparently due to high pollen levels in Bangalore. Came across this product. Have been using it since 40-45 days, Extremely Effective.

Amyron Syrup by AIMIL is a completely natural product made up of herbal and natural ingredients. The tonic is helpful for people suffering from anemia and deficiency of iron. It is helpful especially for mothers who are nursing and is also a useful tonic for pregnant ladies for completion of nutrients in their body. It consists of various minerals, vitamins, and loads of iron. The Amyron Syrup contributes to normal formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells. The nutritional tonic is available in the form of syrup as well as tablet.


There are various symptoms that depict the use of Amyron Syrup. Some of the symptoms are mentioned below precisely:

  • AIMIL’S Amyron Syrup is the best way to cure anemia. It is a helpful tonic to cure various types of anemia such as:
  1. Anemia due to weakness
  2. Anemia during Pregnancy
  3. Anemia caused due to lack of nutrition, and so on
  • The tonic is also a useful one for people who feel tired and weak.
  • Fatigue can also be cured with the help of nutritional tonic.
  • The tonic is useful for the weakness caused after a major and chronic disease.
  • The people who feel the lack of appetite should also use this tonic.


  • Amyron Syrup is a perfect tonic for the supplement of iron in a natural way.
  • It consists of natural ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Mulsi, Wheat germ oil, Arbi leaves, Flax Seeds, Papaya Seeds, and many such essential contents.
  • It is an essential source of iron. It completes the deficiency or iron in pregnant ladies and nursing mothers.
  • People suffering from tiredness and fatigue should consume this tonic to keep such symptoms at a bay.
  • It helps to improve the blood platelet count.
  • The Amyron Syrup is full of antioxidants which keep an individual energized all day long.
  • It also helps to rejuvenate the body.


  • For adults- 3 teaspoons twice a day
  • For children- 2 teaspoons twice a day
Manufacturer: Aimil, 2994/4, Street no. 17, Ranjeet Nagar, Patel Nagar, New Delhi - 110008