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Alakananda Herbals Cardorium Plus Syrup - 300 ml

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very good

I have bought this for my mother and it is proving very effective for her.

nice product

on time delivery. Well packed

Cardorium Plus is a herbal tonic used to improve heart health. It is a completely ayurvedic product helps to treat the blockages of heart. It helps in the removal of blockages and allows the flow of blood. It is mainly used to treat diseases like Dyslipidaemia and Atherosclerosis. The product is a natural one and hence has no side-effects. It should be taken only after a proper description from a doctor. It also helps to strengthen the blood vessels and other vessels connected to the heart as well.


The main aim of Cardorium Plus is the improvisation of the heart and keeps the heart-healthy, but the product is also useful in many other ways. Mentioned below are the symptoms which indicate the use of the product:

  • Hypertension
  • Artery blockage
  • Improper blood sugar levels
  • Heart failure
  • Eye degeneration
  • Anti-ageing arthritis
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Obesity


There are various benefits of the product. It helps to maintain the health of the heart also with curing various other heart-related diseases. It helps to heals the blockages of the heart and allow proper flow of blood circulation to the heart and all over the body. The other advantageous pointers of Cardorium Plus are:

  • Helps to heal the blockages of the heart
  • Allow the proper flow of blood circulation
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Manages obesity
  • Helps males to cure problems such as erectile dysfunction
  • Completely herbal and ayurvedic
  • Helps to regulate lipid ratio of body
  • Improves fat metabolism
  • Prevents platelet agglutination
  • Strengthens blood vessels
  • A herbal tonic to improve heart health
  • Made of herbal ingredients such as Arjuna, Pushkara Moola, Gokshura, Kurbhaka Flower, Jatamansi, and many such ingredients


  • It is advised by the doctor’s that the dose should be taken 10ml to 20 ml twice a day.
  • The tonic starts working within 6 to 8 weeks.
  • The product should not be consumed without the consultation of a doctor.


Manufacturer: Alakananda Herbals, # 2-2-642/1/1, Amberpet, Hyderabad - 13