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Amlant – Ayurvedic Medicine for Hyperacidity

Amlant is an ayurvedic medicine made by combining over 15 Ayurvedic herbs. It is used in the treatment of Hyperacidity, indigestion, acid reflux, gas, flatulence & non-ulcer dyspepsia.

Amlant is found to be very effective in treating both acute and chronic indigestion & acidity. This ayurvedic combination works by balancing the pH level (acidity) of the stomach relieving the discomfort and pain. A healthy balance of digestive acid leads to perfect digestion of any undigested food hence alleviating gas and indigestion related issues.

Is Amlant more effective than traditional OTC indigestion medicines?
Ideal pH level of the stomach is acidic (1.5 to 3.5). Acidity occurs when the gastric glands produce a large amount of acid, more than what is needed for the digestion process. Most of the OTC indigestion medicine works by lowering the pH level of the stomach fluids significantly. This gives relief from acidity, however, it does treat the root cause of acidity. Amlant, on the other hand, balances the pH levels.

Usage/Benefits of Amlant:
· Neutralises excess gastric acid & helps regulate the acid release
· Improves the quality of digestion and cures indigestion.
· Relieves bloated-ness, gas & nausea
· Tones up and protects the stomach, making them resistant to the corrosive action of hydrochloric acid.

Amlant Dosage: 1-2 tablets twice a day

Packaging: 6 Tablets in 1 strip

Side effects: No known side effects.

Each 1000mg Amlant tablet contains :

Zingiber officinale 3.3mg
Piper nigrum 3.3mg
Piper longum 3.3mg
Terminalia chebula 3.3mg
Terminalia bellirica 3.3mg
Cyperus rotundus 3.3mg
Cinnamomum tamala 3.3mg
Embelia ribes 3.3mg
Elettaria cardamomum 3.3mg
Syzygium aromaticum 33mg
Emblica officinalis 201mg
Ipomoea turpethum 134mg
Sarjika Kshar 103mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra 201mg
Sheetal parpati 100mg
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