Amlycure Capsules

Amlycure Capsules

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Amlycure is an herbal product of Aimil Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. The product of Aimil is manufactured by collating several herbal elements to prevent the liver associated diseases. This medicine is sugar free and no artificial colors are used. The herbs used in Amlycure capsules are found and after testing it thoroughly after years of research collated in a capsule form. The medicine targets the dysfunction of the liver, hepatitis (acute and chronic) and Hyperbiliruminaemia.

Manufacturing Company: Aimil

Packaging: One pallet of Amlycure has 10 capsules as offered by Aimil Pharma.

Symptoms/When to use/indications: When the patient is suffering from lack of appetite, hepatotoxicity dysfunctions, then this medicine is prescribed. Amlycure is a desired strength liver amending capsules to provide therapy in liver diseases and disorders. Due to the liver disorders the cells becomes weak and Amlycure capsules helps to restore the optimal concentration required. The case of enlarged liver, dysfunction of liver due to alcoholism, long term drugs intoxication is diagnosed by Amlycure capsules.

Usage/Benefits: Amlycure has herbs present in it which holds the fort by regenerating the cells and keeps them stagnant. Amlycure brings the elevating improvement in liver disorders and stabilizes and pacify the biochemical parameters. It also helps in refraining the virus of hepatitis B. The medicine is also responsible for advancing the appetite and keep the digestion good and strengthen the anabolism and assimilation.

Dosage: The medicine is advised to be taken as one to two capsules twice a day or as directed by the doctor.

Side effects: Due to its herbal ingredients the medicine has no side effects. But it is advised to consult a specialist or a doctor for accurate doses and norm of intake.

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