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Baidyanath Punarnavarishta-450 ml

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C Chandra
good product

effective. Its been 3 months using and see the results

nice product

on time delivery. Well packed

Baidyanath’s Punarnavarishta is completely herbal and natural. It is utilitarian in situations of liver problems, indigestion and lack of appetite, heart problems, and various other health obstructions. It is also helpful in diseases such as jaundice and stomach disorders too. It is made up of natural ingredients such as Green Cardamom, White Punarnava, Red Punarnava, Jaggery, Chitrak, Honey, and many such ayurvedic contents. Hence there are no side effects of this serviceable syrup. It is also an herbal tonic to cure anemia. Punarnavarishta cures swollen muscles too. It relieves an individual from all kinds of body pain.


This Baidyanath’s herbal tonic works as an all-rounder for a human body. It not only cures liver problems of an individual but also helps to relieve many other problems. Let us have a precise look over other symptoms to use the natural Punarnavarishta:

  • Indigestion
  • Liver problems
  • Lack of appetite
  • Lack of interest
  • Joint pain
  • Improper functioning of the kidney
  • Heart problems
  • Urinary problems
  • Gastroenterological disorders
  • Swollen muscles


There are numerous benefits of the herbal syrup. Being completely ayurvedic the product has no side effects. After proper consultation by a doctor, it can also be used by kids according to the correct proportion. It is a helpful tonic for people of all age groups. Mentioned below are the advantageous pointers of the syrup:

  • Heals liver problems
  • Helps to provide energy to the heart and keeps the obstructions from the heart at a bay
  • Helps to relieve indigestion
  • Cures anemia naturally and in an ayurvedic manner
  • Made up of natural ingredients, hence the product has no side effects
  • It is also a herbal tonic for kidney disorders
  • It also heals gastroenterological problems
  • A useful tonic for urinary problems
  • Acts as an instant tonic for joint pains
  • Helps for the proper functioning of kidney and removal of all kinds of blockages


  • 10-15ml with half a cup of water after meals
  • 10ml for kids
Manufacturer: Baidyanath, 1, Gupta Lane, Kolkata 700006