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Dhanwantari Zylomax Powder - 200gm

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Brilliant Product

The product is a useful and effective remedy for people facing indigestion and gas problems. Zylomax Powder is also useful for various other purposes and problems of the body. The product is completely natural and ayurvedic thus do not have any side effects of it. One can use medicinal powder without any worries about health. It is a helpful aid for problems like indigestion and acidity. The product is completely made up of herbal ingredients and does not include soya, yeast, or gluten.


Zylomax Powder is a natural remedy for all types of problems related to indigestion and constipation. The product is also useful during various other symptoms mentioned below:

  • Problems of constipation
  • Hard and stiff stools
  • The problem in passing stool
  • Indigestion
  • Bloating and abdominal pain
  • Toxins accumulated in intestines and colon


Zylomax Powder is an essential product in various forms. It helps to keep an individual from various types of harmful toxins present inside the inner system of an individual. It is mainly helpful for people suffering from indigestion and gas problems.

The product is made up of various other natural ingredients to ease indigestion and constipation problems. It consists of various herbal essentials such as Errand Brusht Haritki, Cassia Leaves, Mirabilis Jalapa, Ajwain, and many other ingredients.

  • The product is advantageous for various other problems such as:
  • It helps to make stool slippery for its easy exit from the body
  • Helps to increase intestinal muscle contraction
  • Helpful to improve peristaltic movements of the body
  • An antimicrobial product
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Helps to ease the digestion process
  • Softens the stool
  • Promotes a positive attitude and purity of mind
  • Eradicates gas from the gastrointestinal tract
Manufacturer: Dhanwantri, Heart Line, First floor, Plot No.24, Behind Sanjeevan ICU, Sadar bazar, satara - 415002