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Dhanwantri Immurich Capsules - 75 cap

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Dhanwantri Immurich capsules improve Mental & Physical Health. Has proven Ability to support the overall system of the body. It is beneficial for all Age groups from Infants to old age. As per ancient practices, the medicine contains colostrum of cow - the first milk it secretes after the birth of the calf.

Immurich capsules are a power-packed supplement for the body which helps an individual to get a proper amount of energy and a clean diet for a healthy body. These capsules not only provide an individual with a healthy lifestyle but also help to maintain all those healthy factors provided. Immurich capsules all full of vitamins, minerals, and all the essentials necessary for a strong immune system. These minerals are mandatory as well as beneficial for the body. The capsules are known as the best colostrums supplement for the body.


Colostrums are the secretion of a mammal to provide all the essential nutrients to one's child. These nutrients are vital and valuable for a child which is available only for a time span of 24 to 48 hours the moment a child is born. They help to protect the immunity system of the newborn and protect the child from all the harmful bacteria and viruses.


The various situations when these capsules prove helpful are listed below:

  • Problems faced by the immunity system
  • The body often affected by health problems
  • Wear and tear of body muscles and tissues
  • Often feeling weak and tired


These are numerous benefits of Immurich capsules. The capsules have the entire nutrients equivalent to colostrums capsules. Few of the benefits of the capsules are:

  • Energy booster of the body
  • The best remedy for skin problems
  • Helpful for people facing problems of being over-weight or under-weight
  • Protects the body from all the harmful airborne diseases
  • A perfect supplement to eradicate body pain
  • Helpful for athletes to maintain a perfect body shape
  • Helpful to ease joint pain
  • Consists of anti-aging properties
  • Relieves body pain
  • One of the best antioxidants
  • Acts as a barrier for all the diseases to harm the body


  • For healthy people- 1 tablet per 20 kg
  • For people suffering from the minor disease- 1 tablet per 10 kg
  • For people suffering from major diseases- 1 tablet per 5 kg
Manufacturer: Dhanwantri, Heart Line, First floor, Plot No.24, Behind Sanjeevan ICU, Sadar bazar, satara - 415002