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Herbo-Mineral UC Pack

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Herbo Mineral is a branch of Ayurveda that deals with essential qualities of various minerals healthy for the body. These minerals are healthy for various functions of the body. Hence it is essential to consume them for a strong and consistent body. Herbo minerals help to cleanse the body internally without any side-effects. They are safe to use and can be found in healthy and fresh ingredients.

Herbo-Mineral UC Pack consists of ayurvedic medicines namely Praval Panchamrit Pills, Kamdhudha Ras (Moti Yukt) Pills, Chandrakala Ras Pills, Kutajghan Vati Tablets, Atisaran Mukti Capsules, Heartburn Capsules, Acido Plan Syrup, Diarho Plan Syrup, and Vatsakadi Churna. Praval Panchamrit Pills helps to cleanse the body deeply. Hence it is the best remedy for the removal of all the toxins. Kutajghan Vati helps one to get rid of stomach issues like constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, and many such problems. Hence instead of popping harmful pills or chemicals, one can intake Kutajghan Vati Tablets.

Acido Plan syrup is a herbal remedy to lower gaseous situations and acidic burps. It also helps in easy digestion of food. Vatsakadi churna is one of the best ways to get the food assimilated into the body and allow it to absorb its complete nutrition. Hence one can gain complete beneficial properties of the food and easy removal of toxins accumulated in the internal system.


  1. Praval Panchamrit Pills- 4 pills a day
  2. Kamdhudha Ras (Moti Yukt) Pills- 2 tablets a day
  3. Chandrakala Ras Pills- 4 tablets a day
  4. Kutajghan Vati Tablets- 4 tablets a day
  5. Atisaran Mukti Capsules- 2 capsules a day
  6. Heartburn Capsules- 2 capsules a day
  7. Acido Plan Syrup- 4 teaspoonfuls a day
  8. Diarho Plan Syrup- 4 teaspoonfuls a day
  9. Vatsakadi Churna- 2 teaspoonfuls a day


  • Stomach issues
  • Digestive disorder
  • Low immunity
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Nausea


  • Consult a doctor before consumption of any product of the pack.
  • Have a look at the ingredient list to avoid any allergic reactions.