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I Jal Eye drop-10ml

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I Jal is based on anubhootyog in Ayurveda. It has therapeutic properties to soothe the eyes and cure eye relates problems.

Manufacturing Company: Siomond Phama

Packaging: It is available is 10 ml bottles and is manufactured by Siomond Phama.

Symptoms/When to use/indications: I Jal should be administered for the following problems-  Redness in eye.  Inflammation and itching of eyes.  Improving vision.  Conjunctivitis  Helpful in conditions like cataract and glaucoma.

Usage/Benefits: It reduces the redness in the eyes and restores normal vision.  It cures the inflammation of eyes and the itching stops after administering I Jal. The soothing effect of this liquid reduces the itchiness and the eyes stop watering.  Regular usage of I Jal will remove the impurities and save your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays and pollution.  It cures conjunctivitis. The pus formation stops after using it for one day and the normal functioning and vision of the eyes return with ease.  Though the eye surgeon needs to operate for removing the cataract and cure glaucoma, usage of I Jal soothes the eyes and removes the discomfort to an extent.  If you work on computers for a long time or play games on tab or your smart phone then the harmful radiations are bad for your eyes. Administer I jal every day to your eyes and keep them healthy.

Dosage: One or two drops into each eye four times a day or as directed by the physician.

Side effects: I Jal is completely a herbal product without any side effect.

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Manufacturer: Siomond Pharma, 664-B/III MILITARY ROADANAND PARBAT NEW DELHI DL 110085