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Menosan Capsules

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Menosan is a drug that is known to give great benefits to women’s health. It not only gives physical health benefits but also provides emotional comfort which is required at the time of menopause or in post-menopausal states. It is an herbal formula that relaxes the women who are suffering from discomfort and some other unpleasant menopause symptoms. Studies done on the product said that it is a risk free solution and can be alternated as Hormone Replacement therapy. Menosan can improve hormone utilization and can maintain the balance between the hormones. Ladies experience mood swings, stress and irritation at the time and it is best option to avoid this.

Manufacturing Company: Himalaya

Packaging: Menosan is packaged in packets containing 30 tablets.

Symptoms/When to use/indications: Himalaya Menosan can treat the discomforts associated with menopausal syndrome. Phytoestrogens can be found in the product and are helpful through estrogen receptor dependent mechanism. Phytoestrogens helps to bind to estrogen receptors and thus give way to estrogenic effects.

Usage/Benefits: This herbal solution helps to ease the discomfort and other menopause symptoms. It is helpful in the regulation of urinary tract functions. It is an herbal remedy which helps at the critical time.

Dosage: You are advised to take 1-2 capsules two times a day and the capsules should be taken with meals. You have to take that at least 4-5 weeks for getting maximum benefits. It is true the herbal formula takes time, but it gives long lasting and effective results.

Side effects: No known side effects, especially because it is completely natural.

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Extremely Effective

Shifted to bangalore and started facing issues with Breathing and Bronchitis, apparently due to high pollen levels in Bangalore. Came across this product. Have been using it since 40-45 days, Extremely Effective.

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