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Rheumalaya Oil-60ml

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but used no every days

The well know product of Chandrodaya Pharmaceuticals for joint relief and bone pain is Rheumalaya Oil. Joint pain is very common now a days and 1 of every 3 people have this pain and it is most common in old age people. This pain may be acute or chronic depending upon the type of injury or any damage to the joints from disease. Joint pain includes lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, ankle pain and muscular pain. Pain and tenderness causes due to twist and turn, strain and sprain. When muscles get stiff and/ or there is a strain on the muscular tissues, it takes the shapes of joint pain. This may cause due to change in weather, repetitive movements, work situations, sleeping posture and many more. Rheumalaya Oil helps in rebuilding connective tissue and diminishes the pain caused by injured movement of joints.

Manufacturing Company: Chandrodaya

Packaging: The bottle contains 60 ml oil, which can be used for 15-20 days.

Symptoms/When to use/indications: Rheumalaya Oil is a powerful and safe ailment which helps in relieving joint and bone pains. Rheumalaya Oil protects better assimilation and penetration of the skin. It ensures pain relief quickly. It contains anti-inflammatory quality that diminishes the pain.

Usage/Benefits: Gently clean the affected portion with cotton and pour 4-5 drops of Rheumalaya Oil and massage till it is consumed in the body.

Dosage: Apply two- three times daily as prescribed by the doctor.

Side effects: Rheumalaya Oil is a non-toxic and safe, as per the guidelines of US FDA-recommended biotech test.If proper dosage with proper frequency is applied, then there is no harm to anyone. It’s also advisable to apply the Rheumalaya Oil with proper prescription from the physician or doctor.

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Manufacturer: Chandrodaya, Station Road, Ranpur 363610, Dist Botad. Gujarat. India