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The Serpina tablet is a product of Himalaya Pharmaceuticals. Serpina is made of all the herbal ingredients and vital elements extracted from the weeds and herbs. The tablet is useful in lowering down the hypertension and soothes the blood pressure. In this world of premium rush, it's very generic to have issues which are generated from too much of the stress and being fatigued. The ingredients utilized in Serpina such as Sarpagandha is one of the important elements which plays an eminent role in the human mind. The herbs involved in the manufacturing of Serpina are mostly found in the plains of Africa and India. Some of the herbs are harvested and found as weeds in the fields. The medicine has earned places in many scientific journals and laboratory tests are conducted over the past eight years. This medicine holds a long history as it was the first medicine released by the Ayurvedic giants Himalaya in the year of 1934.

Manufacturing Company: Himalaya

Packaging: A bottle of serpina contains 60 tablets

Symptoms/When to use/indications: People suffering from blood pressure, anxiety, mild and moderate hypertension can take Serpina.

Usage/Benefits: Serpina is known to soothe the hypertension from the level of mild to moderate intensity. The Sarpagandha used in the medicine is capable of decreasing the blood pressure by depleting the peripheral catecholamine. The Rauwolfia is the herb known for its anti- hypertensive quality. It also decreases the cardiac output. These properties integrate into the cells of the brain and takes control of the hyper related oxidants.

Dosage: The dosage of Serpina is always advised to be consumed under the strict prescription of the doctor.

Side effects: As Serpina is an herbal medicine hence it doesn’t have any side effects.

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using it for few months now. Working well for me.

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