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Shallaki powder - 1 kg powder - Pack of 2

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Ayurvedic Shallaki powder for joint care | Boswellia Serrata powder is used for bone care and stress management by healers.

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It is derived from Shankhapushpi that works as a brain tonic and helps improve memory power and intellect of the consumer. Shallaki is known as Boswellia Serrata in Botanical terms. Boswellia serrata, or Shallaki, as it is known in Ayurveda is a moderately flowering shrub type plant. It is the source of aromatic resins used in making frankincense as well as various ayurvedic supplements.

Shallaki Powder Benefits
The ayurvedic herbal powder gives many health benefits such as –
• It helps the improvement of brain, intellect, and memory powers.
• It is also used for the treatment of epilepsy as well as headache.
• Besides; the herbal supplement can control vomiting and has proved to be beneficial for diabetic patients.
• Shallaki powder has anti-inflammatory properties that can help address joint pains.
• The product has positive and favourable effects on bones, cartilages, and muscles in human anatomy.
• It is used to provide Joints support.
• The powder can help the healing of wounds and ulcers.
• It can rejuvenate all immune systems in human anatomy.

Shallaki Powder Doses
A healthy dose of Ayurvedic Shallaki powder for joint care | Boswellia Serrata powder is three gms once or twice a day. It is better obtaining the advice of the physician before using the ayurvedic powder.

Product for Bone Healing and Stress Management
Ayurvedic Shallaki powder is primarily used as a herbal supplement to support bone health and also stress management. Maintenance of bone stability is a difficult task but is also essential for the maintenance of overall health and well being of a person. Bones not only work as the frame for body structure but also help maintain the nervous systems in the anatomy. Herbal supplements like the Shallaki powder helps maintenance of bone health and helps stress management naturally and healthily without any adverse side effects. The herbal supplement provides unadulterated and compelling benefits for joint health for the end user.

Shallaki Powder Features
Ayurvedic Shallaki powder for joint care | Boswellia Serrata powder is 100% chemical free, vegan, and natural product. Top manufacturers use modern and innovative technologies in preparing the powder to make it safe and harmless for human consumption. The powder does not contain any hazardous or harmful chemicals or synthetic elements that make it one of the best supplements for bone and joint health.

Nutritional Contents in Shallaki Powder
Shallaki powder is designed to promote healthy living, and it also encourages joint care. Moreover; the herbal supplement contains nutrients like following.
• Beta-sitosterol;
• Boswellic acid;
• Dipentene;
• Ligin;
• Resins;
• Tannins; and
• Uronic acid.

Other Health Benefits of Shallaki Powder
Besides bone improvement and stress management, Shallaki powder has other health benefits due to its properties that are –
• The powder can combat rheumatism as it has anti-rheumatic properties;
• It is also analgesic in nature;
• The product helps cooling and skin care;
• The powder supports healthy bone care;
• It also has sedative properties; and
• It helps in to make one’s life more youthful and more active.

Shallaki Powder Packaging Options
A reliable and reputable provider of ayurvedic medications and supplements offer various packaging options. For instance; the Shallaki powder can be available in the pack of one, two, four, five, and even ten for the one kg powder. It depends on the requirements and budget of the buyer as to which one he or she would opt for.

Shallaki Powder Ingredients
Ayurvedic Shallaki powder for joint care | Boswellia Serrata powder has one essential ingredient in the product. The powder is made from the natural herb and does not contain any harmful chemicals or synthetic elements.

Shallaki powder has immense health benefits to offer for the user without any side effects.

Manufacturer: Herbal Hills, Plot No. 33, ABCD, Govt. Industrial Estate, Charkop, Kandivali(W) Mumbai