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Shallaki is a medicine which is known to provide relief from joint pain during several incidents. The product of Himalaya is entirely herbal and sugar free. The herb Boswelliais capable of eradicating the pain in the body. The medicine is also capable of pacifying the stomach related issues. This herb is found in the areas of India’s northern part and also in most of the plains of Middle East Asia. The Himalaya’s product is praised by many users and being prescribed by many doctors.

Manufacturing Company: Himalaya

Packaging: Shallaki tablets come in a bottle which consists of 60 tablets. One bottle is the dosage for the entire one month.

Symptoms/When to use/indications: When the patients are suffering from joint pain and body pain after the menopause Shallaki is the best remedy for the cure. Some people who are suffering from weight issues also advised to take the medicine. The Boswelliais also capable of preventing the joint wear and tear by oxidation of the glycosaminogclans degradation. Different kinds of arthritis pains and several chronic pains are also cured by Shallaki.

Usage/Benefits: The most important benefit of taking Shallaki is that, it manages the joint functionality by eradication and diminishing the pain. The Boswelliais acid is one of the useful and the reactive ingredient in Shallaki. The acid reacts and over power the joint pain by working on the vital enzymes, which manages the flow of pro-inflammatory acids in the joints. The effect of Shallaki on stomach is very gentle unlike other medicines which causes gastric issues and ulcers. One of the most important functions of taking Shallaki is that it manages the lubrication in the joints which enables the joints to absorb the shock or jerks.

Dosage: The dosage of Shallaki tablets is 1 tablet twice a day. But, it's always advisable to consume the medicine with the consultation and prescription of a doctor.

Side effects: As Shallaki tablets are made of herbs and nothing else, hence it doesn't have any side effects.

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