Shankhpushpi Tablets

Shankhpushpi Tablets

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The Vyas Pharmaceuticals have produced Shankhpushpi Tablets as one their most selling products. The medicine is made to make the memory sharp and concentrated at all the times. The medicine is totally herbal. The ingredients used in the medicine are very effective in enhancing the mind muscles. The herbs used are found in India and Middle Eastern Asia. Some of the herbs are also harvested from the weeds found in the fields and plains. This medicine is mostly consumed by the students as they require the most functionality of the brain in the initial stage. The herbs or ingredients used to manufacture Shakhpushpi tablets are ShankhaPushpi, Brahmi, Yastimadhu, SmaratisagarRas and many more vital elements.  Shakhpushpi tablets are reliable between people since ages and the ingredients are incorporated by a thorough study of Vedic Ayurveda literatures.

Manufacturing Company: Vyas

Packaging: The tablets are available in the bottle of 50 tablets to 100 tablets.

Symptoms/When to use/indications: At the early stage, children are required to put an immense amount of focus on remembering and understanding the core of the occurrence of activities. Such functions put the mind in fatigue intellect, forgetting the previous studied or understood material. It also results in lack of confidence and anxiety.

Usage/Benefits: Shakhpushpi tablets integrates into the nervous system of brains and make it healthy and running. The advent of theories and technology has given the researchers of Vyas Pharma to work hard and make this medicine.

Dosage: The dosage of Shakhpushpi tablets is 1 to 2 tablets twice a day.

Side effects: Shakhpushpi Tablets are herbal and has no side effects as far as it’s been consumed under a strict observation of a doctor or physician.

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