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SKM Chananadhi Thailam 100ml (Siddha)

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very effective. Taking medicine for 1 month now.

SKM Chananadhi Thailam 100ml (Siddha) by Skm

SKM's Chananadhi Thailam is a herbal cooling oil made up of healing Ayurvedic ingredients. The oil acts as a natural coolant that helps to lower down the burning sensation in our body. It is a helpful oil to cure the acidic sensation and constipation with the help of its cooling components.

Chananadhi Thailam can also be used to cure body pain by massaging the oil on the painful areas. Hence the oil is multi-purpose for use as well. A person suffering from a headache or a nauseous sensation can be relieved by applying this herbal oil on the sides of the temple and massaging it. One can also use this product to cure liver ailments and to lower heavy menstrual bleeding as well.

Benefits of the product

  • Herbal and natural oil.
  • Acts as a herbal coolant.
  • Helpful to cure headaches or nauseous sensation.
  • Cures body aches and pain.
  • Also helpful for females suffering from heavy bleeding during menses.


Let us have a look at the components of Chananadhi Thailam:

  • Prapaundarika
  • Manjistha
  • Dhataki
  • Padmakeshara
  • Kumuda
  • Shaluka
  • Yatishmadhu
  • Priyala
  • Sesame oil
  • Sandalwood
  • Licorice
  • Bala


  • The oil can be used for internal as well as external purposes.
  • Chananadhi Thailam can be massaged on the parts of the body experiencing pain.
  • It is advised to consume Chananadhi Thailam 2 to 3 ml before meals along with warm water.
  • One can drop 2 to 3 drops of the thailam in nostrils for Nasyam Treatment.


A high dose of the medication can result in loose stools or diarrhoea.


  • One should consult a doctor for the proper dosage of Chananadhi Thailam.
  • Pregnant ladies should consult a doctor before the application or consumption of the herbal oil.
Manufacturer: Skm, 725, Ground Floor, Poonamalee High Road, Arumbakkam, Chennai-600 106