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Urtiplex Capsules are manufactured with herbal ingredients. The product of Charak is very widely used and known for its reliability within the users. The medicine is used for the treatment of skin related issues such as allergies, unknown rashes, allergies and chronic disorder of skin. The ingredients used in the manufacture of Urtiplex capsules are the extraction from the vital and ancient herbs and Ayurvedic literature. Manjistha, Khadir and Katuki are the main elements in Urtiplex capsules. These herbs are utilized to soothe the skin, for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activists.

Manufacturing Company: Charaka

Packaging: One pallet of medicine holds 20 units of capsules.

Symptoms/When to use/indications: People who are suffering from skin related issues such as rashes and allergies are advised to take this medicine. The herb Rubia Cordifolia and Curcuma Longs has the nature of anti- allergic and anti-pruritic properties. Urticaria and skin rashes are the symptoms when Urtiplex is advised to the patient. It can also be used in the prickly heat of the summer season. Disorder of skin and known and unknown etiology are also cured by this medicine.

Usage/Benefits: Urtiplex is an anti-allergic and anti-itch combination rectifier. Daru Haridra used in this medicine is capable of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity, which helps in pacifying the itching and also in the reduction of flare-ups. Usheer, Guduchi and Haridra possess the quality in healing the wounds made by the itching sensation and also have the property of antimicrobial activity which confines the chances of secondary infections.

Dosage: The consumption of Urtiplex is one capsule a day.

Side effects: There are no known side effects of Urtiplex being an herbal product.

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