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Vigoroyal-M Maharishi Ayurveda-30 tabs

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gud product

VIGOROYAL-M Tablets are highly effective for beauty, strong mind, confidence, life and vitality.


VIGOROYAL-M Rasayana, as indicated by Ayurveda, is the formulation for counteractive action of premature maturing, expanding life span, astuteness. life and imperativeness. It elevates the mood and help the human body delivers a perfect ras in the body called the ras of life. Vigoroyal-M, the Rasayana for men is an imperial mix of exotic herbs from Maharishi Ayurveda. It is formulated solely for men keeping the requirements of his body both mental and physiological. Vigoroyal-M (Rasayana For Men) Fulfills a man's ultimate want for a stable mind and a healthy body. So he may confront the difficulties of life with certainty.


  1. Maintains & balance Nerve conduction.
  2. Animates reflexes.
  3. Maintains proper digestion and metabolism
  4. Additionally maintains legitimate absorption and metabolism for better assimilation of nutrients.
  5. Invigorates the once-over condition by novel Brihana and Vrishya actions.
  6. Vigoroyal-M Rasayana For Men is protected. non-hormonal and with no reactions.
  7. It helps men overcome run-down condition and challenges of life with confidence.



It can be taken for long period with articulated impacts and enduring results.: For the maintenance of general wellbeing. Strengthens the patients by its unique Brihana and Vrishya activities. Animates reflexes and optimizes endocrinal functions.


Each tablet of Maharishi Ayurveda Vigoroyal – M contains the following herbs.

Sida cordifolia Bala 50 mg. Phaseolus trilobus Mudagparni 15 mg.Glycyrrhiza glabra Yashtimadhu 15 mg.Teramnus labialis Mansparni 15 mg.Zingiber officinale Sonth 10 mg. Mesua ferrea Nagkesar 10 mg.Asteracantha longifolia Talmakhana 10 mg.Mucuna pruriens Kownch 185 mg.Cinnamomum zeylanicum Dalchini 15 mg.Asparagus adescendens Safed Musali 15 mgWithania somnifera Ashwagandha 50 mg.Smilax china Chop chini 20 mg. Pistacia integerrima Kakara Shringi 10 mgMyristica fragrances Javitri 10 mg.Tribulus Terrestris Gokshur 50 mg.Asparagus racemosus Shatavari 175 mg.Santalum album Safed Chandan 12.5mg.Elettaria cardamomum Chhoti elaichi 10 mg.Cyperus rotundus Mustaka 40 mg.Piper cubeba Sheetal chini 5 mg.Asphaltum unadulterated Shudha shilajeet 40 mg.Dhatri Lauh – 10 mg.Abhrak Bhasm – 10 mg.DOSAGE OF MAHARISHI AYURVEDA VIGOROYAL-M:1-2 tablets two times every day with water or milk or as coordinated by the Physician.PACKAGING:10 tablets of 750mg each.10 tablets in a box. Use under medical supervision


Manufacturer: Maharishi Ayurveda, Plot 17 And 18, SynapseIndia Rd, 201305, Bhangel Rd, Noida Special Economy Zone, Sector - 106, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304