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Vishnu Fat Nashak Powder

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Due to technological advancements, people are getting lazier day by day. Lack of physical exercise is the prime cause of obesity. And obesity is the main reason behind several diseases.

Vishnu Fat Nashak is an effective ayurvedic medicine which not only responsible to reduce fat but also prevents many other diseases caused by obesity.

Once you start taking this medicine, you will notice a difference in 21 days. It enhances the metabolism and reduces the excess fat and help maintain a healthy weight.

Dosage: One and a half spoons of powder (7.5 gm) to be taken one hour after a meal with lukewarm water.

Don't consume any food for an hour after taking this medicine. The whole course of undergoing this medication is of 150 days.

Side effects: There are no side effects as it is purely herbal.

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Great Medicines

Using it for two months now. good

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