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Yashtimadhu Powder - 1 kg powder - Pack of 2

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Skin is the largest organ in human anatomy, and it is natural that people look forward to maintaining skin health. Herbal products like Yashtimadhu powder or liquorice powder can help in the maintenance of skin and promote its anti-wrinkle characteristic. It has been scientifically established that authentic herbs have amazing powers in the field of health and well being. Pure and natural herbs support healthy living and Yasthimadhu is one such herb and especially the powder form of the natural grass used as an ayurvedic product for effective skin care. It would be good to learn about Yashtimadhu powder - how to apply, dosage & benefits.

Yasthimadhu Powder for Skin Care to Support Healthy Living
Yasthimadhu powder is used for skin care and for supporting healthy life living. In botanical term, Yasthimadhu is known by the name Glycyrrhiza glabra, and the popular name is liquorice root powder. The herbal product helps natural skin care without any adverse side effects on human health.

Yasthimadhu Powder – Nutritional Value
In learning about Yashtimadhu powder - how to use, dosage & benefits; a look at the nutritional value of the product would be necessary for interested users. Some of the dietary components in the product are –
• Flavanone,
• Biotin,
• Sterols,
• Tannins,
• Vitamins,
• Sucrose,
• Iodine,
• Saponins,
• Niacin,
• Isoflavones,
• Potassium, and
• Resins.

Medicinal Value of Yasthimadhu Powder
Yasthimadhu powder has multiple medicinal properties. Most important are the followings.
  1. The powder is adaptogenic;
  2. It has alexiteric properties
  3. Yasthimadhu powder is synergistic;
  4. It can be used as alterant;
  5. The powder works as a natural cough reliever;
  6. It's sedative nature helps natural skin care;
  7. It has digestive and carminative properties that aid in digestion;
  8. Due to its hypoglycemic properties in the powder helps in lowering of cholesterol; and
  9. It works as a natural tonic to improve liver as well as the respiratory system.
  10. However, the best use of Yasthimadhu powder is for skin care including facial skin care.

Yasthimadhu Powder Doses
A healthy dose of Yasthimadhu powder is three gms of the product that should be consumed once or twice a day or as the treating physician suggests. Though it does not have any after effects, it would be good consulting the physician before taking the content for natural skin care or for addressing other ailments where the use of the powder is found to be beneficial.

Yasthimadhu Powder Packaging Options
Manufacturers of Yasthimadhu powder provide various packaging options like a single pack, double pack, and a pack of 4, 5, and ten depending on the preference, requirement, and budget of the buyer.

Yasthimadhu Powder Components
To understand Yashtimadhu powder - how to use, dosage & benefits, it would be necessary learning about its components. Yasthimadhu powder is prepared from the herb Yasthimadhu that is botanically named as Glycyrrhiza glabra. The herb is grown in countries with tropical climates like India, Africa, and others. Also known as liquorice or sweet wood it is used for manufacturing ayurvedic medicines and supplements. Yasthimadhu powder does not contain any other ingredient including harmful chemicals or synthetic elements. Its sweetness is used to make the medication tasty. The only ingredient in the powder is Glycirrhiza glabra or Yasthimadhu herb.

Precautions in use of Yasthimadhu Powder
Besides joint issues, the Yasthimadhu powder is also used to address gastric problems like constipation, and it can also decrease the heat in the body due to cooling effects. Besides; it can cure sore throat, cold, cough, and abdominal pains and burning sensation in urination etc. However, there are some precautions are essential in the use of the product as follows –
• The powder should be used within three years from the date of manufacturing;
• It should be kept in a cool, dry place and should be saved from exposure to direct sunshine;
• Pregnant and lactating women should obtain the advice of the doctor before using the powder; and
• The powder should be kept out of the reach of children.

The above information on the Yashtimadhu powder - how to use, dosage & benefits would help buyers to make an informed decision about buying and using the amazing herbal product appropriately.

Manufacturer: Herbal Hills, Plot No. 33, ABCD, Govt. Industrial Estate, Charkop, Kandivali(W) Mumbai